Santa Fe Building Maintenance provides quality maintenance services which are specifically suited to each individual client's needs.

We have and will continue to provide emergency services upon request. 
Below is a list of janitorial services we provide:

        Professional carpet cleaning and shampooing.
Empty all trash receptacles and re-line with fresh liners.
Empty and clean all waste receptacles, ashtrays and sand urns.
Disinfect all surfaces.
Small and large appliance cleaning.
Floor sweeping, stripping. waxing and buffing.
        Tile and grout cleaning.
        Wash and polish mirrors and glass (streak free).
Bathroom sanitizing and disinfecting (including toilets, sinks and showers).
Hand dust office furniture, ledges, partitions and window stills.
Upholstery cleaning.
Ceiling fan dusted.
Light fixtures cleaned.
Vacuum air ducts.
Exterior and interior window cleaning.
Shutters, mini blinds and screen cleaning.
Wash, clean and disinfect water fountains and coolers.
Post construction clean-up.






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